Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Certificates and Statements
  • Other services
    • What is “Aadhaar Update” option?
    • How can Customer Add/Modify/Delete Nomination in account using Mobile banking?
    • How many times can I change nomination in my account?
    • Can I transfer my Savings Bank Account to any Bank of Baroda Branch of India using the service “Request for Transfer of Savings Account”?

      Yes, you have to furnish local proof of address for where you want to transfer the Account in your new branch Login>>Click on More>>Go in Request Services>> Click on Request for saving account Transfer option>> Select Account no and provide all details. After submitting all details a request number will get generated which has to be provided to new branch for verification purpose within 30 days from request.

    • How can Customer Set Communication Email ID using Mobile banking?
    • What is “Submit Form 15-G (or) 15-H” option?
    • What is “Subscribe/Unsubscribe SMS Alerts” option?
  • Cash on mobile
  • Card Services
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