B3 Gold Account

Experience savings like never before!

Open one of a kind digital savings account

  • Open B3 Gold Account
benefit main

Benefits & Features

  • End-to-end digital account opening with the facility of video KYC
  • Get a virtual debit card, instantly
  • Avoid branch visits for opening accounts
  • Enjoy loads of offers in food, e-commerce, shopping, etc
  • Benefit from bob World rewards in travel, shopping, merchandise, etc
benefit main

Terms & Conditions

Initial funding Quarterly Average Balance Debit Card variant
Rs 25000 to 49,999/- Quarterly Average Balance (QAB) is Rs. 25,000 Get an exclusive VISA Platinum Debit card

List of Restrictions:

  • Passbook issuance.
  • Cash Payment.
  • Cash Receipt however the same should be allowed through Cash Deposit Machine and as an exception customer can deposit cash of Rs 1 lakh and above in the Branch.
  • Transfer of funds between Accounts.
  • DD/BC issuance.
  • Interest/Balance/TDS certificate.
  • Statement of Account
  • Debit card related services (Issuance/blocking/Pin changes)
  • Registration/Deregistration of Mobile Banking/Net Banking
  • Cheque Book related services (issuance/stop payment etc.)
  • Clearing transactions (Inward)
  • FD/RD creation
  • Account level modifications like (Nomination)
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