Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Certificates and Statements
  • Other services
    • What is “Aadhaar Update” option?
    • How can Customer Add/Modify/Delete Nomination in account using Mobile banking?
    • How many times can I change nomination in my account?
    • Can I transfer my Savings Bank Account to any Bank of Baroda Branch of India using the service “Request for Transfer of Savings Account”?
    • How can Customer Set Communication Email ID using Mobile banking?
    • What is “Submit Form 15-G (or) 15-H” option?
    • What is “Subscribe/Unsubscribe SMS Alerts” option?

      Customer can use this option to subscribe/unsubscribe SMS alert facility for each account separately. After unsubscribing, customer will get only mandatory alerts, informative & educative SMS and channel initiated SMS alerts. Please peruse the guidelines on SMS alerts facility available on our Bank’s website for further details.

  • Cash on mobile
  • Card Services
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