Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Mobile Recharge and Bill Pay
  • Funds transfer
    • How to transfer funds to my own linked accounts?
    • How to transfer funds to other Bank of Baroda accounts?
    • My funds were transferred to a wrong third-party within bank account. What to do?
    • I want to transfer funds to Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSA). What to do?

      If you are a parent or guardian of the account holder of SSA, then go to fund transfer >> Sukanya Samriddhi savings account under WITHIN BANK section >> Click on ADD icon on bottom right corner to add new SSA accounts. Make sure your customer ID is entered as guardian in your daughter's customer ID before adding.

    • My Sukanya Samriddhi account (SSA) is not credited. What to do?
    • I want to transfer funds to my PPF account. What to do?
    • My PPF account is visible for balance enquiry but not under fund transfers. What to do?
    • My PPF account is not credited during self-linked fund transfer. What to do?
    • My account is not visible for doing transactions. What to do?
    • What if the fund transfer times out?
    • How can I transfer funds to other bank Accounts?
    • How to add a beneficiary?
    • Can I transfer funds immediately after adding a beneficiary?
    • What are the default transaction limits?
  • Baroda FASTag
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